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What is insomnia and how to avoid it ?

Insomnia: Sleeplessness is also the root cause of many diseases, if you do not sleep properly, then your head remains heavy throughout the day; Special care should be taken to ensure that the sleepers come in time at night and do not have any kind of mental stress while sleeping.insomnia or sleep sickness is not a minor illness. Such a problem can occur at any time in anyone’s lifetime.

According to the physician and psychologist insomnia is a very common disease today. Experts, this is not a disease in itself, but an example of an underlying behavioral problem. Researches, the changing lifestyle in cities is also the reason for such behavioral problems. Insomnia disease gives rise to a number of psychosomatic disorders such as depression, nervousness, lack of confidence.

It is very important to understand insomnia because many other diseases also occur due to lack of proper sleep. Insomnia also depends on how long a phase lasts.

Types of insomnia

It lasts from a few days to a few weeks and does not last for more than 3 weeks.

This is when some problems are found in the person such as trouble sleeping. Sleep after waking up for several nights. The patient is disturbed thinking that his sleep is not complete.

Causes of Transient 
Stress or any kind of change. Temporary insomnia can also occur due to many other reasons such as working a lot, moving a lot, changing the environment. In these conditions, the person does not need any medical attention.

Causes of chronic
In such a situation, the patient does not feel sleepy at all. The person does not sleep at bedtime. This happens for a long time. In such a situation it is necessary to take medicines. Many other problems like allergies, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and many other diseases can also be the cause of this disease.

Antidepressants and cardiac drugs can cause side effects in this disease.


Ways to avoid insomnia

Behavior approach
Insomnia prevention also depends on the patient how he can comfort himself. Such changes are more effective than medicines for patients of all ages.

Stimulus control
Go to sleep only when you are fully asleep.

Relaxation Therapy
This technique provides relief from physical stress and discomfort.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy
According to this medicine, a person is protected from any negative thinking and he is told some ways to get healthy sleep.

Exercise (Yoga)
Exercise is also a good way to avoid insomnia.

Light therapy
You avoid sleepiness with strong light and it does not make you sleepy during the day.

With the help of a psychologist, control of the emotional causes of insomnia can be found.

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In some situations, it is also necessary for the patient to take medicines, but medicines should also be taken with caution.


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