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Don’t ignore it Anxiety Problem

The possibility of always having something wrong with you, needless nervousness and worrying about small things can be a symptom of anxiety disorder. The awareness that was already practiced is the best way to protect it

Everything got messed up, now what will happen, I can’t understand anything, what to do … why does this always happen to me? Such things are going on in the minds of most of us at some time or the other. There are some situations in life when even a strong-hearted person becomes anxious and fearful. This is bound to happen for a short time in difficult situations, but when a person has a habit of always living in anxiety or fear, then later this mood can change into a serious problem like anxiety disorder. When the person has no control over such negative feelings and despite all efforts, symptoms appear for more than six months, then this problem can take the form of anxiety disorder.

Anxiety, restlessness, fear of the future based on real or imaginary events always affect physical and mental health. Although each person has different symptoms, permanent fear and anxiety are seen in almost everyone. If these symptoms are not very severe, then they disappear with the passage of time, otherwise, the problem of anxiety disorder may occur. This affects the daily routine of the person.

Why is there a problem

Nowadays a large part of the young population of metros is struggling with this psychological problem. In fact, the busyness of people in modern lifestyle has increased so much that they are always in a hurry and the pressure of work on them is also very high. For this reason, irritability and resentment are increasing in them. Also in modern society, every person is single. No one has the time to listen to others. Therefore, the spirit of sharing is dying out among the people. Urban society has become so individualistic and autistic that as of now, there is no support system of relatives or near-neighbors. Due to constant stress, loneliness and living in sadness, people are falling prey to anxiety disorder.

According to studies, insomnia is caused by severe or prolonged stress. This creates an imbalance between the hormones released from the brain, which can cause an anxiety disorder. Heredity is also the main reason.

Types of anxiety disorder

Several different types of psychological problem are determined based on the major symptoms, which are:

Generalized anxiety disorder: People suffering from this problem are unnecessarily very worried. There is no logical basis for their concerns. It is their habit to always be in worry. Even in positive circumstances, such people find some reason to be worried.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: People suffering from this are constantly worried or afraid. In such a situation, they develop some strange habits. For example, some people have a craze for cleanliness and they keep washing and cleaning clean things again and again.

Panic disorder: People struggling with this problem often feel as if their breath is stopping or they are having a heart attack. Such people are constantly fearing death.

Social anxiety disorder: A person suffering from such a problem is very vigilant in his social life. He always feels that people are staring at him. He tries to avoid going to crowded places and social gatherings as he feels very nervous in such an environment.

What is the harm

The personal and professional life of a person suffering from an anxiety disorder is severely affected. This disrupts his daily routine. He is unable to concentrate on any work. The memory of such people becomes weak and their married life is also stressed. Studies have also found that if women have an anxiety disorder, they soon come out of it, but in men, this problem takes a serious form because their ego is not able to accept the problem easily. Therefore, they do not even try to find a solution. If there is a prolonged problem, it can take the form of depression. In the case of a more serious condition, the tendency of suicide in the person increases. Key features

  • Physical weakness
  • Remission reduction
  • continuous tense
  • Decreased concentration, visible floating point in front of the eye
  • Scare, fear and discomfort

Negative thoughts not being controlled and scary dreams

  • insomnia
  • Body temperature imbalance, sometimes cold of hands and feet and sometimes feeling like fever
  • Heartburn
  • Muscle tension
  • stomach ache

How to rescue

Adopt regular routine because a lack of sleep does not make the brain function at full capacity. Insomnia increases the risk of anxiety and depression.

Like the body, the brain also needs nutritious food. Therefore, fruits and green vegetables should be included prominently in your diet.

Perform regular exercise and yoga exercises. Meditation is also beneficial to avoid this problem. This strengthens the cerebral cortex, the part of the brain responsible for memory, concentration, and reasoning.

  • If you ever face any difficulty in life, be confident.
  • Grow friendship with people and openly share your feelings.
  • Make practical goals by assessing your abilities. Set the priority of tasks. Avoid doing multiple tasks at once.
  • If you ever have anxiety about something, make a habit of facing it. Never try to avoid him, because the more the person tries to avoid such a mood, the faster the problem increases.
  • Try to solve such problems by dividing them into small pieces. It is not possible to solve them in a single day. So try with patience.
  • Maintaining the Angle Diary regularly will also prove beneficial. Before going to bed every night, write in your diary in detail what worries or fears have troubled you the most throughout the day and what has been done on your part to overcome it. -Try to convince a man in a logical manner that this apprehension is unfounded.
  • Do not take any medicine from your mind to remove anxiety.
  • Stay away from caffeine and alcohol, because the consumption of such things increases anxiety.
  • Even after these efforts, if there is no improvement in mood, then any psychological counselor should be contacted.

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